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Cabeceiras de Basto is situated between the Cabreira moutain and the Marão Moutain, in the north of Portugal, in a long valley that has more than 18 km in length and 8 km wide, near the Tâmega River. Cabeceiras de Basto is one of the most ancient counties of the Minho´s region, and has a vast landscape and architectural heritage, coined by the marks and by wisdom of traditional flavors.

What to Visit:

Refojos Monastery, Cavez bridge, the house of time, the pillory of Cabeceiras de Basto, the Basto statue, the villages of Cabreira Moutain, Moinhos del Rei, The museum of Baixo tãmega, the Wool house, the railroad Museum the Dourada Moutain, Fifas de Ermelo

What to Eat

Roast Veal and Goat, coadfish with baked potatoes, Rojões, cabbage with beans, smoked meat, Minho´s corn- Bread.

What to do:

Mountain biking, fishing, hiking, horse riding, radical and open air activities

What to Buy

Handicraft, wood and rattan work, wool and linen quilts, tin work

Local products: Basto honey, Basto wines; Corn-bread, smokead meat


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