Casa de Carcavelos - Turismo de Habitação

[Turismo de Habitação] - Concept



The House of Carcavelos- House Tourism is situaded in a smal village called Sta. Senhorinha, just 3 km from Cabeceiras de Basto, ancestral birth place of the Moura Coutinho. The house of Carcavelos is situated in a fertli valley, between moutains and the Sta. Senhorinha de Basto river. It´s a manorial house, with typical architecture of the Minho´s region. The current homeowners are descendants from the first landlords.

Within a farm with 19.000 m2 , the house of Carcavelos distinguishes itself for the typical architectural trace of the manor Houses of the Minho´s region. The agriculture activity is sitll done in the tradicional way. The orchard, the pinewood and the gardens make the house of carcavelos the ideal palce for those who seek tranquility, authenticity and well- being.

 The house appeals to the senses. more than talk about the history the landcapes that surrond it, one must feel the spirit of the warm hospitality, tradition, history and rural environment of the spaces.




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